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Indochina 2012: Bangkok and Ayutthaya, Thailand


From Phnom Penh, we flew to Bangkok on March 1. Immigrations at Suvarnabhumi Airport is just crazy–hundreds upon hundreds (thousands?) of people lined up and it took us about an hour and a half to two hours to get off the plane, go through Immigrations, get our luggage and meet up our driver.

I didn’t expect the airport was that far from where we were staying and we were just about to die of hunger because other than the hotel breakfast at Phnom Penh, we forgot to eat lunch because we spent half the day at the Russian Market and half the day in two airports and didn’t realize that until we were in our car going to Bangkok City Hotel in Pratunam. We planned to vist Madame Tussauds, however, we got in so late that we just didn’t have the energy to do so. I loved the fact that our hotel was right beside a 7-11 store. They sold this Meiji drink that is pretty much like Yakult but in bigger bottles. I love Yakult so much and I loved the fact that I still have some drink left after one gulp, LOL. 🙂 This one’s an iPhone photo.

March 2 was spent going around the outskirts, in Bang Pa-in to visit the King’s Summer Palace, and in Ayutthaya to visit the historical monuments. I booked the tour online through Thailand Great Tours (only two days before the tour) because we couldn’t be bothered to book it upon arriving in Bangkok, just so we can save time. They accept PayPal (thank goodness for the PayPal app) and the Join Tour is at a reasonable price of THB 1,200 for the whole day tour including lunch. TGT responds quite fast and I plan to book some tours through them again when I go back to Thailand next year. But get this, there were only three of us in the tour so it pretty much ended like a private tour–not a lot of waiting and lingering! 🙂

Here are some shots from the King’s Summer Palace.

And here are some shots from Ayutthaya–I keep repeating this all over–did you know that the first part of the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie was filmed here? I only found out about that when our tour guide shared that to us. Also, I wanted to ride an elephant as that is on my bucket list but when I finally saw them, I couldn’t take the smell 😦 so I just took photos and videos instead because they looked amazing. I will ride an elephant someday, I promise myself that. 🙂

On March 3, we did what girls would normally for fun–SHOPPING! We took the BTS SkyTrain to Chatuchak Market and found ourselves in Nirvana. No, not really. But I did manage to buy a lot of stuff that I had to buy a backpack (knockoff, naturally) because I know it wasn’t gonna fit in my hardcase luggage (which survived, hallelujah)! As always, haggle! We also went shopping at the Platinum Fashion Mall which is just… heaven! *_* It’s the biggest retail/wholesale fashion market in all of Thailand (or Southeast Asia? I’m not sure).

On March 4, I turned a year older. We were at the airport waiting for our red-eye flight when the clock struck midnight. Who says it’s bad luck to travel on your birthday? Not me.

This pretty much wraps up my 2012 Indochina trip. I’m gonna do this trip again next year, this time starting out in Hanoi, Vietnam. Who wants to join me? 🙂